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Annie-B Parson

Director and Choreographer

Annie-B Parson co-founded Big Dance Theater in 1991. She has choreographed and co-created over 20 works for the company, ranging from pure dance pieces, to adaptations of found text, plays, and literature, to original works combining wildly disparate materials. Her work with Big Dance has been commissioned by Les Subsistances in Lyon, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, The National Theater of Paris/Chaillot, The Japan Society, The Walker Art Center, and many others.

Friday Phone Call # 50

Friday Phone Call # 50

Annie-B & Paul Lazar of Big Dance Theater

21 February 2014

My guests are Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar, the team behind Big Dance Theater, New York. I was interested in hearing them talk about the ideas underpinning their decades of collaboration and how they have maintained a space for themselves in these times and in the blurry, hybrid world their work inhabits. Listen to audio podcasts hosted by David Dower as he interviews theater artists from around the country to highlight #newplay bright spots. Subscribe in Apple iTunes or via RSS Feed.