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Anthony Dvarskas

Anthony Dvarskas is a Queens-based writer and professor. He has served as a dramaturg and research team member for Life Jacket Theatre Company. His one-act play The Commitment Cure was a semi-finalist in the Strawberry One Act Festival. He is completing his next play Immunity for production in 2018. Anthony also was a 2016 Science and Stage Fellow with Superhero Clubhouse where he contributed to new devised work integrating climate change science with dramatic performance. He teaches in the Sustainability Studies Program and School of Atmospheric and Marine Sciences at Stony Brook University.

Creating Theatre From Reality

Creating Theatre From Reality

The Challenge of Documentary Theatre

7 March 2018

Anthony Dvarskas discusses the process of researching and creating America is Hard to See, a documentary theatre piece detailing the lives of a small community of sex offenders, and the town that had to adjust to their new neighbors.

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