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Blair Baker

Blair Baker is an actor, director and teacher based in New York City. She has appeared on Broadway in the Tony-award winning play The Humans by Stephen Karam; and was the standy-by in the first Broadway production of David Mamet’s Oleanna. Other credits include: Bus Stop at Kansas City Rep (dir. Steve Cosson); The Footage at The Flea; The Erlkings at The Clurman Theatre, Theatre Row, Oleanna at Bristol Riverside Theater; The Hour of All Things by Caridad Svich in the Philadelphia International Women’s Theatre Festival and many readings and workshops including: The Public Theatre, Women’s Project, The Civilians, Abingdon Theatre and many more. Film work includes: Tredding Water and the award-winning short film: Pauline.

She trained at the Atlantic Theater Conservatory and Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

She teaches and coaches at the MN Studio and is the co-artistic director of Missing Bolts Productions, www.missingbolts.com http://www.blairbaker.info/

After Orlando

After Orlando

An International Theatre Action

23 September 2016

Blair Baker, Zac Kline, and Caridad Svich discuss how they decided to take action and mobilize artists to create theatre pieces after the Pulse Nightclub shooting.