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Brendan Healy

Artistic Director at Canadian Stage

Before becoming the artistic director of Canadian Stage, Brendan Healy served as Artistic Director, Performing Arts, for the City of Brampton, where he brought a sense of vibrancy and energy to the position in Canada’s fastest growing and most culturally diverse city. In this role, Healy oversaw four municipal performing arts venues as well as their management and programming (including music, theatre, dance, and comedy) and extensive educational outreach to 17,000 students annually. His position included overseeing a team that delivers 500 cultural events annually to an audience of 300,000 and managing a significant budget, while bringing theatre to a broad range of communities through diversifying and internationalizing programming and drastically increasing the city’s cultural partnerships with local groups. This role also required him to participate in the development of the city’s first-ever Culture Master Plan. Prior to his tenure as Artistic Director, Performing Arts, for the City of Brampton, Healy completed a Masters in International Arts Management in a program jointly offered by the Southern Methodist University (Dallas), l'École des hautes études commerciales (Montréal), and SDA Bocconi (Milan). This degree took him to five countries in three continents to study arts and cultural administration, fundraising, marketing, accounting, and public policy with an emphasis on organizational innovation in the cultural sector.

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Shifting Institutions, Shifting Audiences

Shifting Institutions, Shifting Audiences

Brendan Healy and May Antaki in Conversation

17 October 2018

May Antaki speaks with Brendan Healy, the new artistic director of Toronto’s Canadian Stage, about leadership changeovers happening across Canada, how his approach to being an AD has shifted over the years, his desire to cultivate curiosity inside audiences, and more.

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