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Brian Sonia-Wallace

Brian Sonia-Wallace is a Los Angeles-based artist and cultural commentator with a background in community development and devised theatre. He is a 2015 National Parks System Artist-in-Residence for the Santa Monica Mountains and a 2015 Doris Duke Impact Award Nominee. His cultural criticism has appeared in Unframed (LACMA’s blog), ArtsBeatLA, Latino Producers’ Action Network, LA Theatre Review, and others. His last play, White Man, Trying to Help, examined white people in activism and had its international debut at the Edinburgh Fringe in August, 2015. Sonia-Wallace holds an MA in Sustainable Development from the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

Alas, Poor Diversity

Alas, Poor Diversity

a Case for The Jubilee

30 March 2016

Brian Sonia-Wallace considers the Jubilee initiative’s possible implications for artists and the field, and weighs the pros and cons.

Moving From Event to Tradition

Moving From Event to Tradition

A Report from the Latino/a Play Project at Oregon Shakespeare Festival

3 November 2015

Brian Sonia-Wallace writes about his experience at the Latino/a Play Project at Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

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