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Casey Cipriani

Casey Cipriani is a New York-based arts and entertainment journalist with a passion for Sci-Fi, fairy tales and great TV. She has written for The New York Times-The Local, The New York Daily News and Indiewire. She earned her Master's Degree from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. She lives in Queens with her husband and two cats who are named after booze. 

My Non-Acting Job

My Non-Acting Job

What’s Acting Got to Do With It?

31 March 2014

But this particular day I was walking uphill in ninety-five degrees heat wearing hosiery, a corset, a silk slip, a long sleeved collared shirt, a wool skirt and a wool coat. Oh, and a pretty doofy hat. "Boardwalk Empire" followed the unfortunate schedule of filming its winter scenes in summer and summer scenes in winter. At some point I muttered to myself, "I hate this."