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Chanakya Vyas

Chanakya Vyas started his journey in theater as a production controller and actor with the play Lucknow'76 in 2007. After completing the foundation course in theater with the Bangalore based Indian Ensemble, today he works as a playwright, director and theatre facilitator with schools, corporates and NGO's in India. Chanakya has received the Charles Wallace India Trust Award, 2013-13 to study at the London International School of Performing Arts. His play, Tales of Kutty won a Sultan Padamsee playwriting award in 2011. 

Postcards from India, no. 2

Postcards from India, no. 2

Double Dip

27 September 2013

Chanakya Vyas teams up with the HartBeat Ensemble to explore the connections between India and America through oral interviews to find the obvious can be overlooked.