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Charlie Baker

LGBTQIA+ advocate, intimacy director and coordinator based in Chicago. Founder of Intimacy Professionals Education Collective (IPEC), and Xploring Gender.

Charlie Baker (he/him, they/them) is a Chicago based advocate, intimacy director and coordinator, clown, performer, and movement director, as well as a founder of Xploring Gender, and Intimacy Professionals Education Collective (IPEC). In 2016 Charlie began Xploring Gender as an educational platform about their experience as a transgender individual and how to advocate and support those in the community. In 2018 they began training with Rachel Flesher and IDC to work as an intimacy director and coordinator, since that time their work has been seen at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Marriott Theatre, Court Theatre, and Sundance Film Festival. After teaching with IDC for 2 years, in 2023 Charlie helped found IPEC as a continuing education for all intimacy professional.

Intimacy Directing for Theatre Book Release: Reading Number One 
Intimacy Directing For Theatre Book Release Event Logo.

Intimacy Directing for Theatre Book Release: Reading Number One 

Celebrate the Release of the First Textbook to Address Intimacy and Consent Work in our Theatre Classrooms.

Wednesday 21 Februrary 2024
United States

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