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Chris Giarmo

Chris Giarmo is an artist living in New Orleans. He has worked on large scale projects such as David Lang's 1000-person choral piece, The Public Domain (as Associate Choreographer), David Byrne's Contemporary Color (as Associate Producer) and Taylor Mac's A 24-Decade History of Popular Music (as a backup singer). He is also the resident composer/sound designer of NY-based theater company, Half Straddle, and has performed with/music directed/composed for Big Dance Theater since 2005. He is also the creator of drag-queen activist and feminist YouTube beauty guru, Kimberly Clark. chrisgiarmo.com


Design Meeting

Design Meeting

My Old Man (and Other Stories)

26 November 2016

Jess Barbagallo and Chris Giarmo discuss design questions for Jess’s play My Old Man (and Other Stories) and the recently increased interest in trans artists.