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Cole Matson

Cole Matson is a PhD candidate in the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts, University of St Andrews, Scotland. His dissertation, “Towards a Eucharistic Theatre: The Theatrical Theologies of the Reduta, the Rhapsodic Theatre, and Grotowski’s Lab,” explores the influence of eucharistic theology on the theatre theories of three mid-20th-century Polish theatre companies. He has served as an editor for the award-winning theology and arts blog Transpositions, and as the office administrator for the Baltimore Theatre Alliance. He received his BFA from NYU Tisch Drama and his BA (Hons) in Theology from Oxford University, and is Artist-in-Residence at the Sheen Center in New York City.

Red Carpet Academy

Red Carpet Academy

Celebrating the Arts in Western Kansas

15 December 2015

Cole Matson shares his experience attending a one-day event in Kansas that advocates for the local arts scene.

The Reduta Theatre

The Reduta Theatre

Grotowski’s Forgotten Model

7 August 2015

Scholar Cole Matson explores the influence of the Reduta Theatre in Poland on Jerzy Grotowski and the Polish experimental theatre tradition.

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