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Courtnie Alvarado

Courtnie Alvarado is from San Angelo, Texas. She attended Central High School where she first developed her love for the theatre. Through the kindness and growing support from her classmates and directors in high school she decided to pursue a career in acting and that’s how she was led to the University of North Texas. She is currently studying theatre performance. She has enjoyed learning and working on her craft during her three years at the university. She has learned so much and has received many opportunities. This summer she will attend a study abroad program in London where she will study broadcasting and media. She is set to graduate in May of 2017 with a BA in Theatre Arts. Once graduated she plans to attend graduate school and get her masters in theatre performance. Alongside acting Courtnie finds joy in music, film, and traveling. Her hobbies include reading, writing, nature walks, and watching television series. 

Better Up

Better Up

Discovering Latina/o Theatre

28 October 2016

Courtnie Alvarado writes about her experience in a Latino Theatre Topics course at the University of North Texas.