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Cris Tengono

(Them/ their) Queer writer and performer.

A Creative Writing student at the Central University in Bogotá, Colombia. Was the editor at Juguete Rabioso magazine for cultural and literary diffusion to Latin America from 2018 to 2019, also the editor at the Creative Writing magazine for students Alapalabra. As a performer, they've worked with Body Writing: a way to create fictional identities through poetry and narratives. Their work is related to the creativity that comes with interacting with LGBTQ+ communities. Collaborator at Juguete Rabioso https://juguete-rabioso.com/author/cris-tengono/

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Creativity in Strange Times / Creatividad en tiempos extraños

Creativity in Strange Times / Creatividad en tiempos extraños

Making Performance with a "Lockdown Aesthetic" / Haciendo las obras con un "Lockdown Estética"

2 December 2020

Cris Tengono talks about how, thanks to the pandemic, a virtual artistic world has begun to develop in Colombia—one of infinite possibilities and without borders, where nationalities do not matter—and shares some of the work that has come out of it.