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Dana Young-Howze

Screenwriter/Theatre Critic/Digital Theatre Advocate and Curator

Dana Young-Howze (they/them) is a screenwriter from Mays Landing, NJ. They hold a degree in American Studies from Rutgers University and attended Hollins University’s Screen Writing program. They are the D in RnD Young-Howze with partner Ricky Young-Howze and together have reviewed over 300 digital theatre productions since the pandemic started.


A photo of a Zoom play with characters named Potential White Ally and Unapologetically Black Specialist with other people on screen for stage directions.
Two Hundred Digital Theatre Reviews and Counting

Two Hundred Digital Theatre Reviews and Counting

28 September 2021

When Ricky and Dana Young-Howze began reviewing digital theatre productions early in the COVID-19 pandemic, they weren’t expecting to build a tight-knit, global community. They share their journey into the digital theatre scene and reflect on what it has taught them.