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Davit Khorbaladze

Theatre director, playwright, composer

Davit Khorbaladze is a theatre director, playwright, and composer.

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1993. After his graduation from Shota Rustaveli State Theatre and Film University, Khorbaladze became one of the founders of OpenSpace | Visual and Performance Arts Centre, Tbilisi and its Director of Theatre in 2016. His works for various theatres include Sorrow (as a playwright and director) (2015), God of Hunger (2016, a documentary performance, a co-director and playwright), Parents’ Meeting (2017, co-director and playwright), Crave (a play by Sarah Kane as a director and composer, 2017), Dead Cities (2017, playwright and composer), Labour Code – Extracurricular Reading (2017, performer), The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum (2016, adaptation for theatre), Lasha-Giorgi Makes His Dream Come True (2018, playwright), The Cracked Jaw (2019, playwright, composer, director), Places/Locations (2020, sound installation), Daddy Hangs Himself in the Forest (2020, a video performance based on the play by Przemysław Pilarski, director and composer), First Act (2020, playwright and sound design), Ramming (2021, playwright and sound design), Divine Matrimonies (2021, playwright and director), Protected Area (2021, playwright and director), UNMEMORY (2021, playwright and director), Dead Dogs (2022, director and composer). UNLOVE (2023, Director, playwright and composer), Pathetique Monologues (2023, play by Temo Rekhviashvili, original music).

In 2022 Khorbaladze took part in 59th International Art Exhibition (The Venice Biennale) as a composer and sound designer for the official Georgian submission (I Pity the Garden, a VR installation). He also works as a composer for film and television.

In his texts and performances Davit explores the themes of personal and collective memory, sexuality, identity, social inequality, and the fate of minorities, as well as the intricate interplay between politics and the human body within the Georgian society. He is particularly interested in the intersection of these political themes and mass-produced culture with very sensitive and documentary personal stories.

A group of performers stand in a brightly lit white tiled room.
A Speculative Love Performance in the Margins

A Speculative Love Performance in the Margins

12 April 2024

Yaşam Özlem Gülseven interviews Davit Khorbaladze about his play UNLOVE: an experimental work based on his personal documentary material about the loss of love during a time of global crisis and the identity crisis that followed. The two explore how UNLOVE and the rest of the “UN-” trilogy highlights the shocking resemblance between intimate experiences and global events.