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Diane Ragsdale

A speaker, writer, and advisor on a range of arts and culture topics, Diane Ragsdale is director and co-lead faculty of the Cultural Leadership Program at Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity. In June 2020 she completes a three-year appointment as assistant professor at The New School (TNS) in Manhattan, where she successfully launched, built, and directed a one-of-a-kind MA in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship for performance-based artists. While at TNS she also designed and launched a new graduate minor in Creative Community Development focused on the role of artists in building healthier, more equitable and more sustainable communities. She is a doctoral candidate at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where she lectured from 2011-2015. Her dissertation focuses on the relationship between nonprofit-professional resident theaters in the US and Broadway. Among her publications is In the Intersection: Partnerships in the New Play Sector, a report on a 2011 HowlRound convening of nonprofit and commercial theater producers; and an essay, “To What End Permanence,” in the 2019 Haymarket publication of the Foundry Theatre’s final presentation, A Moment on the Clock of the World. For more, check out her blog Jumper; Twitter handle @DERagsdale.

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Aligning Values with Actions

Aligning Values with Actions

Bill Rauch and Diane Ragsdale in Conversation

28 October 2018

Bill Rauch, the inaugural artistic director of the Perelman Performing Arts Center, and Diane Ragsdale, assistant professor at the New School, sit down to discuss long overlaps between outgoing and incoming leaders; equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives; the responsibility of an artistic leader is the time of #MeToo and #TimesUp; and more.

Book cover of "In The Intersection".
In the Intersection

In the Intersection

Partnerships in the New Play Sector

16 October 2012

Diane Ragsdale summerizes her report on the meeting between US Non-Profit and Commerical Theater Producers in Washington, DC in 2011, and what she learned there.

In Search of the Artistic Home

In Search of the Artistic Home

27 March 2012

Jamie Gahlon has asked theatre artists from around the country to talk about their personal search for an artistic home. Diane Ragsdale continues this series.

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