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Dina Vovsi

Dina Vovsi has developed new work as a director and performer at FringeNYC, The Lark, Working Theater, New York Madness, Roots and Wings, Complete Theatre Company, Ingenue Theatre, and Fresh Produce’d. Selected assistant directing: Jesus in India (Ma-Yi) and The Electric Baby (world premiere, Quantum Theatre), both directed by Daniella Topol. Up next - Directors Weekend: Women Center Stage at The Culture Project, Flight 1-23 by Leila Buck at Unboxed Voices.  Co-founder/co-curator, Working Theater Directors Salon. Dina has worked as a producing associate at Page 73 and a literary manager, line producer, and marketing consultant at Working Theater. University of Michigan Alum.

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The Working Theater Directors Salon

The Working Theater Directors Salon

11 June 2013

Working Theater randomly selects seven directors to direct seven commissioned plays in a week, for their Directors Salon as an opportunity to help directors "break into the business"