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Ekemini Ekpo

Ekemini Ekpo is a Nigerian-American performer, cultural critic, and retired twitter fiend.

Ekemini (she/her) is a New York-based, Nigerian-American cultural critic and performer. Ekemini has bylines with Howlround Theatre Commons, The Public Theater, TheBody, and Mental Hellth. She can also be found gisting about plays on Critics' Table, a Broadway Podcast Network podcast. She is a member of the BIPOC Critics Lab and of the IGNITE Mentorship cohort for emerging women and non-binary artists of color. As a performer, Ekemini has worked with the 24 Hour Plays, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop, Apollinaire Theatre Company, and The Playground Experiment, among others. Ekemini is a graduate of Harvard College and Atlantic Acting School. IG: @e.u.ekpo, Website: ekeminiekpo.com



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Seeing Double: Double Consciousness as a Black Theatre Practitioner

Seeing Double: Double Consciousness as a Black Theatre Practitioner

14 July 2022

Ekemini Ekpo applies W.E.B. Dubois’ concept of “double consciousness” to the experience of performing Blackness for a predominantly white audience that may or may not be interested in disturbing the primacy of their own lived experience.

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