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Elizabeth Dwyer

Elizabeth Dwyer is a gal’s gal, guy’s gal, gal about town. She has an active imagination and many opinions and she frequently writes those things down. Her scripts have placed in the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, the International Screenwriter's Association Fast Track Fellowship, and the George R.R. Martin Screenwriting Grant. Elizabeth has contributed articles to The Weekly Alibi, Howlround, Elephant Journal, and the UNM Newsroom. With her frequent partner in art, adventure and antics, Shannon Rogers, Elizabeth co-authors the blog Beauty Coup, examining representations of women in the media and pop culture.

Faces of the DCRT.


Duking it out with a Southwest Troupe

30 September 2014

Albuquerque, New Mexico: We have a varied company, and we’re always looking to put on kick ass plays. It’s pretty cool that we have a company where any of our actresses could play Hamlet. And not like, “Female Hamlet”, but you know, Hamlet. Or where people of different races play siblings, without comment or explanation, and our audiences don’t bat an eye.