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Enrique Granado

Enrique Granado is a Mexican, Native American, Filipino, Dutch, Irish, German, Polish, American. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and is one of ten children. He has been invested in theatre since the age of eight when he joined the Garland Civic Theatre. He grew up with his grandmother who spoke Spanish but didn't actually learn the language until high school. He is a graduate from the University of North Texas where he earned two degrees in Journalism and Theatre and two minors in Spanish and Social Sciences. He has been a reporter, anchor, and producer for NTDaily TV and LCTV News. He has worked for the international salon chain, Toni & Guy, where he did hair and makeup for fashion shows, photo shoots, short films, and behind the chair. He has been a makeup and wig designer,  actor, part of the costume build crew and stagecraft crew for several UNT theatrical productions.  He is currently the owner of Captivative Salon and uses his daily interactions with clients, his diverse background, and his degrees to tell captivating stories that reflect the diverse human experience. When he isn't working in the salon, he enjoys reading and watching Latin plays, writing blogs, and answering questions about beauty. His passion is to splash color on the whitewashed wall of media, arts and entertainment

Better Up

Better Up

Fur Cornell Box—The Process

29 October 2016

Enrique Granado continues the Better Up Cafe Onda series, describing his process for creating a Cornell box about Migdalia Cruz's Fur.