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Erik Nikander

Erik Nikander is a dramaturg, critic, and playwright living in the New England area. His theatre criticism can be read in HowlRound and The Arts Fuse, and he also publishes film reviews on Medium and YouTube. Some of his recent dramaturgical projects include working as the production dramaturg for the Nora Theatre Company production of Alan Ayckbourn's Intimate Exchanges and designing/building the lobby display for the 4th Wall Stage Company/Fitchburg State University co-production of 12 Angry Jurors. He's also in the process of working with Markus Potter of New York Rep to develop A Wall Apart, an original rock musical with songs by Graham Russell of Air Supply. In addition, Erik reads scripts on a freelance basis for any theatre company that would like him to. For more about Erik's work, visit his website at www.eriknikander.com.

Natasha’s Dream

Natasha’s Dream

a Foreign and Familiar Vision

21 March 2017

Erik Nikander discusses Yaroslava Pulinovich's Russian play Natasha's Dream, presented in New Repertory Theatre in Massachusetts.