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Ezra Tozian

Non-binary, SWANA, COVID-conscious performer and advocate.

Ezra Tozian (they/them) is a non-binary, SWANA, COVID-conscious performer and advocate. They were instrumental in the D.C. awards show, the Helen Hayes Awards, becoming gender-inclusive (and just in time for multiple non-binary performers to win their awards!). They have consulted with institutions such as TCG, theatreWashington, and various independent theatres on trans and COVID related issues through a community-focused and trauma-informed lens. Most recently, they published A New Conscious-ness: a response to industry-wide resistance to providing COVID protections for its workers and how that decision results in systemic EDIA failures. 

Two people in stage blacks wearing masks stand backstage.
Challenging the COVID Status Quo

Challenging the COVID Status Quo

29 April 2024

Ezra Tozian, Claudia Alick, and Jon Jon Johnson discuss the need to challenge the status quo of ignoring COVID within the theatre industry and the impact that the lack of care is having on them and other disabled theatremakers.