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Fedelis Kyalo

Fedelis Kyalo is the Founder of Krystall Puppet Theatre Company, which is based at the Little Club Theatre Mombasa in Kenya. He started his acting career when he was still in school, performing on stage and in the choir. Then, in 1995 he was trained as a puppeteer and he underwent advanced puppetry trainings. It was in Mombasa where he built his first puppet show, Tears by the River.

As a puppet company, Krystall is a formidable group that has been on the frontline, using puppets to educate the local community about issues, including HIV/AIDS, educating young girls, gender-based violence, political corruption and much more. Fedelis and his colleauges teach puppet-making classes to community-based theatre Groups, and NGOs. They also lead puppet workshops at festivals in Kenya and abroad.

The Story Behind Puppets in Kenya

The Story Behind Puppets in Kenya

9 April 2017

Puppeteer Fedelis Kyalo shares his puppet background, and discusses how puppetry intersects with popular entertainment and street protests in Kenya.