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Gina Reichert

Gina Reichert works as an artist and designer based in Detroit, MI. She is partner in the design and art duo Design 99 with her husband, Mitch, specializing in sustainable residential design and installation art. Although Gina still considers herself an architect, she prefers the hands on satisfaction of transforming spaces and structures through direct and limited means. She can often be found developing new strategies and ideas for interventions or self-initiated projects in her immediate neighborhood, defining opportunity in overlooked spaces and using the resources at hand.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Gina Reichert holds Master of Architecture degrees from both Cranbrook Academy of Art and Tulane University, and has worked for architecture firms and community organizations in Cincinnati, New Orleans, New York and Detroit. As an artist she has earned grants and awards from Kresge Foundation, Art Prize, and Creative Capital. As Co-Director of Power House Productions she has facilitated work in her Detroit neighborhood with funding ranging from ArtPlace, to the Robert Rauschenberg and Tony Hawk Foundations. Reichert has lectured and exhibited extensively including Van Abbemuseum, Smart Museum, Structures for Inclusion conference, and the National Building Museum.



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The Promise of the Commons

The Promise of the Commons

10 October 2019

In honor of World Commons Week 2019, a working group of eleven US-based arts and cultural makers share their vision on how adopting a commons-based approach can help transform the arts into a more equitable and just field.