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Goran Tomka

Cultural researcher

Goran Tomka is an assistant professorat the Faculty of Sport and Tourism in Novi Sad, and guest lecturer at UNESCO Chair in cultural policy and management from Belgrade, Serbia and at University Lyon II. He holds a doctoral degree in culture and media studies from the University of Arts in Belgrade. His research interests include audience studies, new media, cultural diversity and cultural policy and management. Outside academia he is active as consultant, trainer, critic and advocate. He was a head of research and planning for long-term cultural planning of the city of the Novi Sad European capital of culture 2021 as well as a coauthor of a first Bidbook. He is a national author of European Council’s Compendium for cultural policies. He has lead trainings in Armenia, Austria, Bosnia, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Serbia, Spain, and Slovenia. He is a member of European Sociological Association and a Board member of European Association of Cultural Researchers. His latest book “Audience Explorations: Guidebook for Hopefully Seeking the Audience” was published by IETM. 

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Escaping the Imaginary of Engaged Arts

Escaping the Imaginary of Engaged Arts

21 March 2019

Goran Tomka looks at how arts and culture organizations can best engage with their communities.