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Hallie Palladino

Hallie Palladino is a playwright and essayist.

HALLIE PALLADINO is a Chicago based playwright. Her work has been produced or developed at companies including Broken Nose Theatre, The New Colony, Prop Thtr, The Ojai Playwrights Conference, Nomads Art Collective, Dandelion Theater, Pride Films & Plays, Wayward Sisters, Idle Muse, Three Cat Productions and Something Marvelous. She’s a contributor to Rescripted and a member of The Dramatists Guild. Her work can be found on the New Play Exchange.

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What Playwrights Can Learn from Intimacy Directors

What Playwrights Can Learn from Intimacy Directors

A Conversation with Gaby Labotka

1 September 2020

Playwright Hallie Palladino chats with intimacy director Gaby Labotka about how intimacy directors approach scripts, the importance of a well-chosen adverb, and the necessity of innovation, now more than ever, to keep performers healthy and safe.