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Heather A. Beasley

Heather A. Beasley works with the Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company as an associate producer, dramaturg, literary manager, and director. She coordinates BETC’s Generations competition and playwright residency program for parent playwrights.  Her past arts administrative work includes positions at Imagination Makers Theatre Company, Seattle Public Theater, and the University of Colorado Boulder's Eklund Opera Program. After playing a role as artist and administrative volunteer in the first year of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Heather co-founded the University of Colorado Boulder’s annual student-run BoulderFringe Festival. She holds a Ph.D. in theatre from the University of Colorado Boulder, a master’s degree with a focus in dramaturgy from Villanova University, and her undergraduate degree in creative writing and theatre from Creighton University. 

Can We Really Tell Whose Butts Are In Our Seats?

Can We Really Tell Whose Butts Are In Our Seats?

1 September 2017

Producer, dramaturg, and grant writer Heather A. Beasley writes about the challenges and ethics of collecting audience demographic data, and offers a radical proposition.