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Jack Eidson

Jack Eidson and his producing partner, Sally Lindel, are young producers passionate about new work. They are both recent graduates of the Theatre Management Program at Northwestern University. Their first professional project is producing the off-Broadway premiere of The Lilliput Troupe as a part of the 2015 Araca Project. The Lilliput Troupe tells the incredible true story of the Ovitz family, seven vaudeville-performing siblings with dwarfism who survived a year in Josef Mengele's laboratory. Structured as a post-war vaudeville retelling of "Snow White," the play follows the Lilliputs on their unlikely journey from their home in the mountains to vaudeville stages across Europe to the laboratory of the most notorious war criminal of the 20th century. Combining klezmer music, shadow puppetry, and the humor of vaudeville The Lilliput Troupe spotlights the power of family, the weight of survival, and the place of theatrics in a world of war.

Beyond the Choice

Beyond the Choice

Confronting the Challenges of Producing Important Work

12 September 2015

Producer Jack Eidson writes about the challenges he’s faced casting  The Lilliput Troupe  with little person actors.

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