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Jason Grote

Jason Grote developed his plays 1001 and Box Americana at the O'Neill National Playwrights' Conference in 2006 and 2008 and taught at theNational Theatre Institute and TheatreMakers from 2008-10. His otherplays include Civilization (all you can eat), ShostakovichMaria/Stuart, and Hamilton Township. He wrote the book and lyrics for Scheherazade, a musical adaptation of 1001, composed by Marisa Michelson, and the texts for David Levine's HABIT (2013 OBIE) and EnGarde Arts' Basetrack (upcoming, BAM Next Wave Festival and national tour).  He has written for the television shows "Mad Men" (2014 WGA Award Nomination), "Hannibal," and "Smash."  He is currently under commission from Soho Rep, and is writing a play for Radiohole. He was the 2006 P73 Playwriting Fellow, won the 2014 ACT New Play Award, and is an alumnus of New Dramatists.

Memories and Other Ghosts at the O’Neill

Memories and Other Ghosts at the O’Neill

5 June 2014

The O'Neill in particular is full of ghosts. There's a rumor, possibly unfounded, that the ashes of the late New Yorker critic Edith Oliver were scattered underneath the venue that bears her name, an outdoor stage that sits in the shade of a monstrous, ancient, and beautiful New England tree.