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Jayne Batzofin

Jayne Batzofin completed her Honours degree at WITS University, majoring in Directing and Stage & Costume Design. Continuing her studies, she attended the theatre school, L'ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Jayne then returned to South Africa to find herself in Cape Town working with the prestigious Visual theatre company, FTH:K. From here she acquired a strong working knowledge in developing integrated theatre and education; as well as a passion for working with younger Deaf children. Being invited as a regular Artistic Director for Clowns without Borders South Africa is where she discovered an interest for working in the social upliftment sector of the Arts. Currently freelancing as a Theatre Director and Designer in Cape Town, Jayne has become known for her trademark "Batzofin Bite." Confronting sometimes uncomfortable themes, in visual and innovative ways; unashamedly tackling marginalised stories, in order to explore her own truths and short fallings.  

Interview with Jayne Batzofin

Interview with Jayne Batzofin

30 August 2016

In this installment, Paul Adolphsen interviews South African director Jayne Batzofin about her journey to directing and her work with the Chaeli Campaign