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JD Caudill

JD Caudill is an early career director navigating the Chicago scene. He has had the pleasure of directing for The New Colony's associate company (Face the Day), Haven Theater's Director's Haven (Jane Doe 232), The Runaways Lab Theatre, Red Theatre Chicago, Hobo Junction, and Arc Theatre. Additionally, he's assistant directed for 16th Street Theatre (Merchild; Agreed Upon Fictions), The New Colony (Stanley in the Name of Love), Hobo Junction, The Chicago Home Theatre Festival, and Realize Theatre Group. He has also music directed for Hell in a Handbag's Christmas Dearest and served as a dramaturg for Polarity Ensemble's Dionysos Cup Festival (Charisma of Flying Saucers). In addition to his theatrical endeavors, JD works full-time in PR at Golin as an analyst and market researcher, and hopes to one day teach script analysis, directing, and musical theatre performance to eager college students. JD graduated in 2014 from Bowling Green State University where he studied directing, musical theatre performance, and research psychology.

How Can We Foster the Voices of Early Career Directors?

How Can We Foster the Voices of Early Career Directors?

24 April 2016

JD Caudill writes about his personal experiences navigating Chicago as an early career director, and asks how the field can better support such artists.