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Jenn Poret

Jenn Poret is the Booking Coordinator at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts in California. She has been in the position for 16 years and hopes to stay put through retirement. Jenn started in theatre in high school and eventually discovered the local theatre company, The Western Stage, Salinas. It was there she tried her hand at Stage Management and found her passion. Jenn considers herself a Stage Manager by trade which led to a degree in theatre arts, emphasis in Stage Management, at Santa Clara University. When not at the office Jenn enjoys boxing, riding her trike, swimming, traveling the world, and her new hobby, cross-stitch. Support local theatre, it’s fun!

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Disability and Management

Disability and Management

30 May 2019

Nicole Kelly and Jenn Poret, two arts managers with disabilities, reflect on the most and least accessible aspects of the jobs, accommodations they need, and the future of accessible theatre management.