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Jennie Rose Halperin

Jennie Rose Halperin is a librarian, researcher, writer, information literacy activist/archivist/architect, feminist, product and growth marketer, and believer in Open Information, the Open Web, and storytelling and marketing for community change. 

Currently, she works as the Assistant Director of Outreach and Engagement at the Harvard Law Library. From 2016-2019, she worked as the Senior Communications Manager for Creative Commons, and before that was the Product Engagement Manager for Safari Books Online/O'Reilly Media. Her positions within these organizations have focused on content, product, usability, and community. As a freelancer, she is currently working with MIT Co-Lab, SAGE Publishing, and the SEIU to produce a book series on racial justice.

Jennie sits on the board of JP Cohousing, a multicultural, mixed income community in Jamaica Plain, MA and Arts, Culture, and the Commons, a working group devoted to a more sharing world. In 2018, she was chosen by Mayor Walsh’s administration to be part of the SPARK Millennial Leaders cohort. Jennie is deeply involved with my community and is an enthusiast of the Commons, winning the Mayor’s 2019 Public Space Invitational with my group project “Tended by All, Harvested by All,” which brings artists in conversation with public space.

In her free time, Jennie like to read, write, make things, go to museums and theatre, and take bike rides and hikes.

A group of theatre artists sitting around a conference table with a projector screen in the background.
The Promise of the Commons

The Promise of the Commons

10 October 2019

In honor of World Commons Week 2019, a working group of eleven US-based arts and cultural makers share their vision on how adopting a commons-based approach can help transform the arts into a more equitable and just field.