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Writer, journalist, producer, curator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am a freelance writer, journalist, curator, producer and theater representative based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My writing skills were honed in the advertising industry which led the way to my years as a travel writer with credentials in international magazines. I have been involved in theater from the time I watched traditional shadow theater at age 7. I was also part of Malaysia's first contemporary gamelan troupe which evolved into a renowned performance troupe in this field. I work closely with a Malaysian theater company; creating mono-dramas, producing and curating programmes.

www. masakinitheatre.com.my

Currently I am part of a global collaboration of artistes working on an artistic response to the pandemic.

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Art as a Force for Good

Art as a Force for Good

A Conversation with Malaysian Theatre Artist Sabera Shaik

17 November 2020

Jennifer Rodrigo sits down in conversation with Sabera Shaik, the artistic director of Malaysia’s Masakini Theatre Company, about the country’s fragmented arts community, shadow theatre, and more.