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Jennifer Sokolove

Jennifer Sokolove is Program Director at the Compton Foundation. During her tenure at the Foundation, she has led work in the fields of fresh water, climate change, and rural conservation in the western United States, as well as art for social change and sustainable food systems. She has been working on sustainability issues for almost two decades, with a focus on natural resource-based economies and collaborative decision-making. Prior to joining Compton, Jen worked on a variety of community-led projects in California, Montana, and the Pacific Northwest. She conducted post-doctoral research on sustainable food and farming, and completed her PhD at UC Berkeley in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. She chairs the board of Switzer Foundation, serves on the board of the Consultative Group on Biological Diversity, and advises the Healthy Headwaters project of Diem West.  She lives in Oakland with her husband and seven-year old daughter, and can generally be found reading fiction, running, or exploring the region's parks and farmers markets when not at work.   

Supporting the Intersection of Art and Activism

Supporting the Intersection of Art and Activism

26 April 2015

Jennifer Sokolove talks about funding work around climate change, and how organizations can reimagine granting to support work at the intersection of art activism.