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John Hudson

John Hudson is director of the Dark Lady Players in New York City, and previously had a 20 year career in large scale organizational change.  He has degrees in Sociology from University of Exeter, in organizational studies from London School of Economics, and in Shakespeare & Theatre from the Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham.  His previous piece "A New Approach to Othello" appeared in February 2014. 

Portrait of Amelia Bassano Lanier.
A New Approach to Othello

A New Approach to Othello

Shakespeare's Dark Lady

10 February 2014

By showing that Othello has similar content to her poetry, and Emilia bears multiple resemblances to Amelia Bassano herself, "Writing Othello" makes the case that the "dark lady" had a hand in crafting this play. It translates academic research into practical performance on stage.

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