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Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez is an actor, improviser, and costume designer. He is studying to become a high school theatre teacher at the University of North Texas. While in college he is mainly focusing on improvisation. He has taken class through the Dallas Comedy House, and is the president of his college’s improv club.  In the spring of 2015 he attended nationals for the College Improv Tournament.

Jose was born in San Antonio, Texas. His family is from Guanajuato, Mexico. He identifies as a Latino. Jose has recently gone through a resurgence of interest in his culture. He is very interested in taking more classes in the future to learn about his culture.

Jose’s interest are in improv comedy, the art of female impersonation, and Theatre for Young Audiences. Jose can mostly be quoted as saying, “I just want to entertain people.” This is evident in his play preferences of more presentational style plays compared to realism. He thinks theatre should be more colorful and fun. His favorite aspect of theatre is costuming, and he plans to design plays in the future.

Jose’s life has been a very colorful one. He is looking forward to a bright future. He hasn’t done too much yet, but he plans to change that soon. 

Better Up

Better Up

Gray, a Sexual POV

28 October 2016

Jose Rodriguez continues the Better Up Cafe Onda series, expressing his feelings about a Latino Theatre Topics course at the University of North Texas.