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Josh Inocéncio

Josh Inocéncio is a playwright, performer, and director who focuses on queer and indigenous reclamations within Latina/o and Euro-American cultures. After graduating with his Bachelor's at Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi in 2012, he pursued and completed his Master’s degree in Theatre Studies at The Florida State University. While writing and defending his Master’s thesis on cultural memory, Josh independently wrote, performed in, and produced his solo play Purple Eyes, which was directed by PhD candidate Jeff Paden. Now that he’s returned to his native Houston, Josh is planning a Purple Eyes tour across Texas to theatres, cultural centers, and universities.

Alongside his artistic endeavors, Josh also taught introductory theatre courses to both majors and non-majors at Florida State and now offers writing workshops for college and high school students. Currently, Josh is a freelance writer for OutSmart Magazine, a local LGBT publication in Houston, TX, where he writes articles on politics and popular culture.

Check out his personal website www.joshinocencio.com and his website for Purple Eyes www.thepurpleeyes.com/about

Going Solo

Going Solo

Self-Producing Purple Eyes

16 May 2016

Playwright Josh Inocéncio shares his experience self-producing and touring his autobiographical solo show Purple Eyes.