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Juan Recondo

I am a Puerto Rican author, theatre historian, and cinephile.  

Juan Recondo is a Puerto Rican theatre historian and cinephile. He lives in New York City, where he teaches as an adjunct at the City University of New York and at New York University. Juan is specifically interested in contemporary Latinx and Latin American theatre and performance; nineteenth-century U.S., Cuban, and Puerto Rican theatre; pre-1980s Third World cinema; and Latinx and Latin American literature. 

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Turning Medea into a Telenovela

Turning Medea into a Telenovela

Melodrama and Luis Alfaro’s Mojada

5 September 2019

Juan Recondo looks at Luis Alfaro’s reimaging of Euripides’s Medea, in which the title character is a Mexican undocumented immigrant who arrived in New York after facing the horrors of the border.