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Juliette Carrillo

A graduate of the Yale School of Drama, Juliette has directed critically-acclaimed premiere and revival productions in theatres across the country including Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Mark Taper Forum, South Coast Repertory, Yale Repertory, Denver Theatre Center, and Seattle Repertory. As a member of the Cornerstone Theater ensemble, she has developed work for and with various communities such as the Los Angeles River community, the addiction and recovery community, the Hindu community, and seniors and their caregivers. She was an Artistic Associate and Director of the Hispanic Playwright’s Project at South Coast Repertory for seven years.

Call to Action, Academics!

Call to Action, Academics!


8 June 2020

Olga Sanchez, Juliette Carrillo, Jamie Gahlon, and Armando Huipe issue a call to action: for people currently employed in higher education to leverage their privilege toward maximum paid opportunities for independent artists in the coming academic year.

Finding Minerva

Finding Minerva

The Latest from Cornerstone’s Bridge Tour

18 April 2015

Cornerstone ensemble member Juliette Carrillo talks with Karen Covarrubias about her experiences on the Bridge Tour and gaining the support of her family to do theatre.

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