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Kar Eleggua Luna Olokun Laverde

I’m Kar Eleggua Luna O. A natural born Storyteller, Filmmaker and Writer from Cartagena, based in Bogotá D. C., Colombia.

I'm Filmmaker and Writer professional, graduated from The National Pedagogic University of Colombia. Until this day, I have written and directed three shortfilms: Musgo (2018), Isabelle and Eternas (soon). I’m part of the book: ‘Calle Flamingo: Antología Marica’. I wrote and directed ‘Inquisición’, a play.

Kar Eleggua Luna Olokun Laverde
Hazard / En Riesgo

Hazard / En Riesgo

The Colombian Resistance Way / El Camino del Colombianx en Resistencia

3 December 2020

Kar Eleggua Luna Olokun Laverde talks about the relationship between state, culture, and art in Colombia; the effects of COVID-19 on resistance communities; cultural organizations that empower marginalized communities through art; and more. / Kar Eleggua Luna Olokun Laverde Sanjuan habla sobre la relación entre estado, cultura y arte en Colombia; los efectos del COVID-19 sobre las comunidades en resistencia; organizaciones culturales que empoderan comunidades marginadas a través del arte; y más.

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