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Kate Brennan is an Associate Professor of Voice & Acting and Artistic Director of Ignition Arts.

Kate Brennan is a Designated Linklater Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Thai Bodyworker and Melt Hand & Foot Instructor. Creator of The Infinity Trilogy: A YA Musical Cycle with David Lee White, she has generated 5 musicals. Kate is a member of The Dramatist Guild, AEA, Statera Arts & VASTA. Her methodology, Brennan Check-In, incorporates wellness and creative exercises to create more connected, generative and self-sufficient artists. Her book, elevated thoughts, co-created with Corinne Prudente, was released with Literati Press in 2020. She is an Associate Professor, Artistic Director of Ignition Arts, and holds an MFA from The University of Virginia.

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Faculty on Fall

Faculty on Fall

Stop Bailing and Build a Better Boat

24 June 2020

Kate Brennan and Kristen Cerelli argue that the education system needs to be radically restructured for fall 2020 and offer suggestions for how to go about this, including discounting tuition and accepting more students.