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Kate Homan

Kate Homan is Associate Managing Director, Education Associate, and an actor for EclecticPond Theatre Company. A graduate of Butler University and Trinity Lutheran Seminary, she splits her time between ETC, writing, and occasionally supply preaching/presiding for area congregations. Kate lives in Indianapolis with her husband and son.

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Shakespeare for the Young in Indianapolis

Shakespeare for the Young in Indianapolis

20 February 2014

When we do a talk back after our public performances of a Shakespearean play, there's a particular question that frequently comes up. This one question does a fair job of identifying the mission of EclecticPond Theatre Company (ETC). It's also the reason I signed on with the company shortly after it was formed in 2010. Invariably, this question comes from a well-meaning adult, and it always manages to surprise me that it has been asked again. “Do you really think that students can actually relate to anything in this play?”

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