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Lee Roscoe

playwright, actress, journalist, environmentalist

see https://www.artistsandmusicians.org/writers_corner/leeroscoe.html


for my large body of work. Also New Play Exchange.

Silver award  for the Hear Now! audio festival for "The Mooncusser's Tale" original radio drama, 19th c. Those who live within the bounds of nature, vs. those who use it against man.

Award from the Blue Water Institute for an eco play about ocean destruction: "The Wtarer Spirits' Colloquy."

I have a play which is 16 people, five or six hours, a ritual -- tikkun for ecocide

it has been called powerful and important theater, by the Shakespeare Theatre Company, and has been highly praised by others

HERE! about what happens to friends in a small New England town when a tyrannical president takes over the nation has been in readings, audience reaction " stunning, a new Our Time for our times," "scary, funny prescient."



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