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Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans is a black non-binary actor, poet, and cultural worker based out of Oakland, CA where they currently work at the California Shakespeare Theater's Artistic Engagement Department. They have worked with several different Bay Area youth development and arts organizations including Youth Uprising, the QT Network of Alameda County, Peacock Rebellion, Destiny Arts Center and more.

They most recently performed as a part of Queer Rebels Fest and Brouhaha: QTPOC Activist-Comics Rise Up.  They can also be seen in award-winning filmmaker Cheryl Dunye’s short film Black Is Blue. Lisa is also a 2016 YBCA Fellow and the co-founder of the How Spirit Moves Us Project, a healing arts project focused on using performance art to celebrate the struggles, resistance and resilience of Black Queer and Trans folks.



an interview with SK Kerastas and Lisa Evans

26 January 2017

Regina Victor interviews SK Kerastas and Lisa Evans about their work to make theatre institutions more accessible for trans* people, on and off stage.