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Lisa Luevanos

Lisa Luevanos was born in Southwest Detroit. At the age of fourteen, she began working in her mother's darkroom in the basement of her home in Southwest Detroit. Soon after playing in the darkroom, she enrolled in a vocational technical center commercial photography program. At the same time, she enrolled in an evening photojournalism program at a local community center Casa de Unidad. For the last thirty years, Luevanos has carried that passion for photography. She has worked in many different areas of the art including the black and white, color, digital darkrooms, and printers. She is continuing to broaden her study in advanced digital technologies. In 2008, Luevanos was awarded a Public Art grant for the Southwest Detroit neighborhood and created three public art mosaic installations. In 2010, she was featured in Contemporary Chican@Art: Color and Culture for a New America (UT/Press), which includes Michigan artists.

A black and white photo of a mariachi band.
Southwest Detroit

Southwest Detroit

13 August 2012

Lisa Luevanos discusses art and Latino culture in the Southwest Detroit community.