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Lisa Peschel

Lisa Peschel is a senior lecturer (associate professor) at the University of York in the UK. 

Lisa Peschel has been researching theatrical performance in the Terezin/Theresienstadt ghetto since 1998. She has lectured, published, and developed performances on the cultural life of Terezin in the US and in Europe, most recently as part of the £1.8 million AHRC-funded project Performing the Jewish Archive. Publications include Performing Captivity, Performing Escape: Cabarets and Plays from the Terezin/Theresienstadt Ghetto and Performing (for) Survival: Theatre, Crisis, Extremity. 

Translating Laughter

Translating Laughter

A Cabaret from the Terezín Ghetto

6 April 2011

Lisa Peschel considers her experience adapting a comedic play written by survivors of the Holocaust and the way in which its humor translates to audiences today.

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