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Liza Bielby

As co-director of The Hinterlands, Liza creates performances that are both highly irrational and deeply American. Along with fellow co-cirector Richard Newman, Liza has created a range of work including psychedelic Wild West shows, drive-in radio theater, shadow puppet magical realism, immersive documentary film, and sub-cultural Vaudeville. Before founding The Hinterlands, Liza worked for four years as the only non-Chinese national studying and performing Sichuanese folk “opera” (chuanju) throughout China. She has adapted the physicality she learned in the discipline to explore American archetypes and urban dance, and brought The Hinterlands to Chengdu and Shanghai in 2011 to collaborate with Chinese artists. Liza co-curates and manages Play House, a Detroit neighborhood-based performance space converted from a formerly vacant two-story house, as well as organizes festivals and events that celebrate the diverse range of cultures and art forms in this strange hinterland called America. Liza has a MFA in ensemble-based physical theater from Dell’Arte International and is a member of the Bangla School of Music.

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Each Project’s Like an Album

Each Project’s Like an Album

How a Band Model Works for Us

17 November 2014

We’ve found most artists we come in contact with in Detroit aren’t bound to a single discipline—printmakers curate community food-based events, and trained painters build large-scale public installations. This inherent openness to working cross-disciplinarily has helped us to expand our ideas about the work of our company and the nature of our ensemble.