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Loy Webb

Until hearing that actor Hill Harper (CSI: NY) earned a law degree before pursing his dream of being an actor, Loy Webb did not realize it was possible to pursue dual dreams. Inspired by his story, she became both an Attorney and Playwright.  She is a member of The Black Playwright’s Initiative ran by the Black Ensemble Theatre and a freelance writer who writes about faith, personal development and pop culture.

What Are Your Prejudices About Theater?

What Are Your Prejudices About Theater?

18 April 2014

We cannot be preoccupied before or during a show with differences of race, class, sexuality, etc., and assume because of these differences the lives of those we see before us are foreign territory. When we do that, we rob ourselves of what might be a beautiful and transformative experience if only we give it a chance. Instead we should keep an open mind and find the human connecting points. When we do that, we’ll find that deep down, we are more alike than we are different.