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An artistic consultant with the Festival TransAmériques since 2006, and its Artistic Director and Co-Executive Director since 2014, Martin Faucher has been actively contributing to the cultural life of Quebec for the past three decades as an actor, director, teacher and administrator in the performing arts milieu.

As president of Daniel Léveillé Danse (1994-2014), he supervised the development of the company and raised its profile, and in the process boosted the careers of several young choreographers. As president of the Conseil québécois du théâtre from 2005 to 2009, he organized the Quebec professional theatre conference in 2007. A sought-after pedagogue, Martin Faucher regularly teaches at the National Theatre School of Canada, and is renowned for his sensitive and inventive staging of contemporary texts. He has directed some forty stage productions over the years and is the recipient of several awards.


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Knowing It’s Time to Go / Savoir quand partir

Knowing It’s Time to Go / Savoir quand partir

A Conversation on Passing the Torch of Artistic Leadership / Discussion sur le passage du flambeau de la direction artistique  

4 February 2021

David Dower and Martin Faucher discuss leaving their leadership positions at Boston’s ArtsEmerson and Montreal’s Festival TransAmériques, respectively; the balance between artistic responsibility and activist responsibility as artistic leaders; passing the torch to the next generation; and more. / David Dower, directeur artistique du ArtsEmerson de Boston, et Martin Faucher, codirecteur général et directeur artistique du Festival TransAmériques de Montréal, discutent de leur départ respectif, de l’équilibre entre la responsabilité artistique et la responsabilité militante en tant que directeur artistique, du passage du flambeau à la prochaine génération, et plus.

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