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Matthew Fluharty

Matthew Fluharty is Director of Art of the Rural. He is currently a Visiting Writer and a PhD Candidate at Washington University in Saint Louis, where he's writing on "rural modernism" in British, Irish, and American literature. He has spoken on issues of rural art and culture, most recently at the 2011 BIG FEED, the Rural Sociology Society conference, the American Conference on Irish Studies, and the From the Rustbelt to the Artist Belt conference. He serves on the Board of Directors for the M12 Art Collective, and is one of the co-conveners of The Rural Arts and Culture Working Group. Matthew's poetry and non-fiction have appeared widely in the U.S. and Europe.

Several people walking towards a colorful tent.
Towards a Commons

Towards a Commons

The Rural Arts and Culture Working Group

6 October 2012

In the belief that rural artists need to be represented, Double Edged Theatre Company headed a conversation with fellow rural artists about action steps for the communities to take.